Code9 Help let's you send immediate Help Alerts when you're in trouble.

Available on App Store and Play Store

Code9Help useful safety features below

Code9Help adds your safety with below features

Emergency SMS

Send immediate SMS to your alert contacts

Push Notifications

Send Push Notifications if you're contacts are also on the app

Email Notification

Adds to 3 layer security and increases chances of being noticed immediately by help contacts

Creat Account

Create an Account in a few simple  steps

Special Alarm Sound

A special alarm sound to make sure to get recipient's attention right away

Multi Device Access

No need for creating and managing separate accounts on all of your devices. Just login with same account.

Add Help Contacts

Easy to add Help Contacts and get started


Send you location automatically in email, sms and push

How Code9Help helps you call for help

The sole purpose of Code9Help is to make it easier for you to call for help in problematic situations. Just with a single click of a button you can send SMS, Email and Push alerts to all your contacts.

  • Reliable and secure platform
  • Ever improving features
  • Easy to use UI
  • 3 layer notification security

Sneak Peak

Everything so easy to use that you would never need a manual

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